Jan 28, 2015

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder Foundation Review

This has been a long time coming. A couple of weeks back, when I purchased the Liquid Foundation, I bought the powder as well. I just wanted to see if I could break through my liquid foundation obsession and venture out to the powdery world.
I put this powder over foundation, on its own, and as blotting. I will explain my review in those three stages.

First, we will start the review of using this powder as a setting powder. I would NOT recommend this, unless you are using a very light tinted moisturizer, this as a setting powder is cake face x 10.  FAIL

Second stage, on its own. This foundation did not act like its liquid counterpart. It stayed on for maybe three hours and did keep the shine away, but didn't stay as long as the liquid formula. FAIL

Blotting and touch ups was our last test... It actually is an amazing touch up powder. Don't use the sponge it comes with, but rather apply it with a fluffy brush. As it kept me matte for a couple of hours, which is perfect for touch up time. SUCCESS

If you had to choose between the two, I would choose the Liquid Foundation, as it performs better for oily skin!

Jan 22, 2015

2015 Empties #1

These products have been sitting on my vanity for about two weeks. I was hoping to accumulate more, but I am not a super hoarder… The focus of this post seems to be lashes, and hair. Let’s start with lashes; the two mascaras that I have are the Benefit They’re Real, and the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara. I loved both of these mascaras, but one more than the other. 

I definitely found myself reaching for the Benefit They’re Real more than the Manga. Benefit They’re Real is a fantastic mascara in defining the lashes, and making them seem extra long. In my opinion it is a wet mascara, and does transfer to the lid, if you have oily lids. It holds the curl to a certain extent but not all day. It is a great mascara for those who have short lashes, but does nothing for volumizing. Loved this mascara, but it definitely is not my favorite. 

The next mascara is the L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara. This mascara promised volume, and fell short. It definitely gave length, but there was no mangalicious volume. It was an okay mascara, but I could see why some people love it. It wasn’t my cup of tea and doesn’t go anywhere near my new favorite (Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara).

Next up are two hair care essentials.
First up is an item that I already have bought a replacement for…Pureology Colour Fanatic Hair Treatment Spray. This has been in favorites before, and is a trusty friend of mine. It is supposed to do 21 beneficial things to your hair.


  • Hair Color Protection
  • Leave In Conditioner
  • Hair Detangler Spray
  • Blow Dry Spray for Quick Drying
  • Moisturizer for Dry Hair
  • Helps Reduce Hair Porosity
  • Conditions Weightlessly
  • Hair Cutting Lotion

  • Split End Treatment & Prevention
  • Hair Breakage Treatment from Daily Brushing & Combing
  • Strengthens Hair Fiber
  • Repair and Protect Heat Damaged Hair
  • Shields Hair Against Environmental Damage 

  • Hair Smoothing Treatment
  • Silky Hair Treatment
  • Seals Hair Cuticle
  • Reduces Dryness
  • Anti Frizz Hair Spray
  • Reduces Hair Static
  • Hair Refresher Spray for Restyling
  • Hair Shine Treatment
And boy, does it do all of those things. It also smells wonderful, and cuts my blowdry time in half, and also primes my hair so that it doesn’t get frizzy when I do blow dry it. I will NEVER stop buying this.

The last product is a cult favorite; The macadamia healing oil treatment. I use this on wet hair after I spray the Pureology spray, and not only does it smell wonderful, but it protects my hair against heat damage, and works so much better than my old trusty Moroccan Oil. I got this with a coupon code from Kendra Atkins on YouTube, and I  am waiting patiently to buy it again, but it is just so expensive. I keep telling myself it’s worth it, and it definitely is, but my wallet may cry…

Jan 16, 2015

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation Review

After a three week hiatus, I dipped into ULTA the other day just to pick up some body scrub. I promised myself I wasn’t going to get anything, because I didn’t need anything and I’m trying to save up for more important events like decorating my home, and well, my wedding.
I did pretty good, but unfortunately something did catch my eye. I have heard raves and rants about the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, but never was enticed to give it a go. This one was different. It said MATTE + PORELESS….two things that I struggle with gone? Of course, I had to purchase the foundation and the powder to take it to a spin. After all, who knew, maybe this could be my new favorite foundation at a good price!

So I decided to put this foundation to the test on two different days. Here is my breakdown of how the foundation performed, and if this is worth looking at!

I chose two different methods for the two days. The first day I applied it with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It applied very nice, but didn't give the full poreless effect. The next day, I applied it with my beauty blender, and holy moly! My face looked like it was airbrushed over and over in Photoshop. It was unreal! The fact that the product doesn't have a pump is disappointing, as it takes forever for product to come out. A dime size amount was enough in both application methods. I did NOT finish off with a powder, which is crazy because I always have to.
The foundation definitely dries to a powdery matte finish, blurring all imperfections. The only thing I wished for was a blemish (weird, I know), just so I could see how it would cover any redness. But it covered my freckles that I got over vacation, so I'm assuming it would hold up nice over a blemish.
The color I chose was 310 Sun Beige, as I got a great tan over vacation, this matched me perfectly, which makes me happy to see that I can use it in the summer time, and put that to the test as well! 
As I mentioned before, the foundation doesn't have a pump, and comes in a glass bottle full of 1 FL oz. It isn't a heavy bottle, but I really do wish that it had a pump. It has no SPF, so I suggest putting on a lotion with SPF in it.
I checked my face throughout the work day to see how it held up...
3 HRS: No visible pores, still matte and still on. A little bunched up in dry areas but still looks great!
4 HRS: Still holding up amazing!
7 HRS: Still in tact, pores are a little bit more visible, but nothing too major. NO SHINE. Definitely clings on drier areas, which makes me believe this is not suitable for girls with dry skin. 

The biggest selling point of this foundation is that even with my combination oily skin, I had NO SHINE and I didn't even powder. That is absolutely crazy! I am in LOVE, and once I get back to my natural skin tone, will purchase a lighter shade. The foundation retails for $8.49.

Dec 9, 2014


Welcome to gift guide numero dos! This one is going to focus on the many variations of a best friend. We all have one, and they are all each unique.

1. Homemade Decadence Cookbook by fellow blogger Joy the Baker. $18.36 This one is for the party hosting, baking goddess friends of yours. You know which one I'm talking about. The one who would love to own her own cafe, or bake shop. This cookbook comes with a ton of yummy visuals which entices the bakers out there to go out there and bake what they see! 
2. Naked On the Run Palette $54 You know your friend who never has time for anything, because she is always running around, chasing after life. May it be business trips that she goes on, or just the fact that she is a grand traveler-this new palette from Urban Decay would be the bomb.com for them. It has everything you need besides a foundation. They would surely appreciate and use the heck of a lot! 
3.The Body Shop Shea Festive Picks $25 ($15 for a limited time!) The Shea scent from the Body Shop is my favorite. This is for your friend that loves to bathe herself in goodies like bubble baths, and body lotions. It comes with a Shea Shower Cream, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Soap, and a Mini Bath Lily. It also comes in this cute little box! 
4. Tarte kiss&belle deluxe LipSurgence Lip set $34 (CODE FOR 30% OFF DECFNF until 12/11)  I am gifting this to a friend of mine. A friend who is super into lippies, and can't get enough of those bold colors. I want her to have a safe staple to have so that she can go ahead and indulge in those crazy colors, but also not have to worry about sending her money on collecting every day lipsticks :)
5. Elizabeth and James Mini Rollerball Set $20 This is for your perfume addict friend. This scent has been so popular this year, and rightfully so! I have purchased the white one and have fallen in love with it, and have debated on getting the black one many times. This sets them up for a day and evening scent! 
6. Rose Gold FRENDS x Baublebar Layla Headphones $175 These headphones are absolutely gorgeous! They are styled by Baublebar with the sound quality of the FRENDS headphones which have been ever so popular. This is for the music or technology savvy friend in your life. They are a little bit on the expensive side, but it is all due to that bling-a-ling that will never go out of style. This comes in a Gold and Black version as well.

Dec 8, 2014


OOPS. Is it the 8th? Did I miss 3 days.... Shame on me, I'm a bad reindeer!
But, at least I'm here owning up to it. So hopefully, Santa won't shame on me :)
Today, I bring to you my gift guide for all the mother bears out there! They work hard, bring us up and always worry for the rest of our years. We thank them during mothers day, birthday and why should Christmas be any different?
1. L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette $50. This is actually what I bought my mom this year. The scent is very floral and subtle. My mom doesn't like heavy perfumes to wear during the day, and I thought this simple yet sweet scent would do her justice. The bottle is also a plus, with the raised glass that resembles a cherry blossom. 
2. Mother Daughter Necklace from Etsy $88 This is actually a great mother's day gift, but I think it would also be perfect for the holidays, especially if you don't live close to your family, this will make her feel like you think of every time you wear it. It is like a best friends bracelet but a grown up version for you and your mom. 
3. Anne Klein Rose Gold Tone Watch $65 You can never go wrong with a classic rose gold watch for your mom to wear. I love the simplicity of this one with the skinny band, but the feel of a boyfriend watch from the big face. And nobody can have too much rose gold in their lives. 
4. LUSH Relax Gift Set $28.95 This cute wrapped gift set comes with three items; a French Kiss Bubble Bar, a Twilight Shower Gel, and a Twilight Bath Bomb. The theme note of this gift set is Lavender, so if your mom doesn't fancy lavender, LUSH has a ton of other gift sets that might fit the bill! The thought behind this one is giving them a gift to help them relax. You could accompany this gift with a gift card to a nail salon, so your mom HAS to pamper herself:) 
5. Shutterfly photo calendars $21-29 I gifted this to my mom last year, and she loved it! It was her favorite gift from me. I put all important dates on the calendar as well as old childhood pictures of my sister and I during our birthday months. She hung it up in the living room for everyone to see. Even my dad loved it so much, that he asked me to gift another one to my mom this year as well!  P.S. They are having a 50% off sale with the code HOLIDAY.

Dec 4, 2014


Today was a crappy day. I was feeling like an angry elf from the south pole!

So I decided, I will cheat and post my November favorites...and let me tell you, this one is an exciting one. 
...NOT! This month I tried very hard to stick to what I have, and save up to buy holiday goodies for all the amazing people in my life. But I can tell you one thing, I have used and abused these things all month long!
NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner in Madison Avenue became a favorite right after I used it the first time, and it stayed on my lids all throughout the work day. This eyeliner does not budge, and this grey is a gorgeous color. I tend to shy away from black eyeliner because it is just too harsh for my liking. I love greys, and browns. Only downfall is the price, because I want to buy all the colors in all the land!
Next up is a product that was featured here yesterday, and it is the REVLON ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in Provocateur. This is a shiny red that is super easy to put on, and is no fuss! It is opaque enough that it looks like your regular red lip, but think with a gloss over it. The staying power is definitely not that well, but it is a balm! This baby has been on my lips every weekend.
Olivia Garden Ceramic Ion XL Pro Vent Paddle Brush has me blow drying my hair all the time! I NEVER used to blow dry my hair. I have thick, long hair (lots of it) and every time I round brush or blow dry, I get too much volume or it just looks unnatural. I know all you ladies out there who love volume are shaking your heads, and rolling your eyes. But this brush has been a savior! It makes blow drying my hair super simple, and the best part is that my hair doesn't blow up like I was electrocuted. If you have thick hair, and HATE blow drying it, PLEASE do yourself a favor and look for this brush-I purchased mine at ULTA.