Apr 11, 2016

Tea is good for you

Tea has always been a huge staple in my family, similar to coffee. My mom is a morning tea drinker, my dad is morning coffee drinker. I have a love/hate relationship with tea. I love me a cup of good black tea with some lemon. I wanted to elevate my tea drinking habits, because I know tea is better for you than coffee.
With all the benefits, and being let down with boxes and boxes of tea I get at the grocery store, I knew there had to be something better out there. I found out about the Canadian company, David's tea on Insta. I perused their website and loved that they offered sampler packs. This way I get to order a little of a lot and try out different brands. If you are a tea connoisseur, you will love their wide range of teas, and their sampler packs!

Mar 29, 2016

Spring Feelings: Pretty Pastels

With the transition into spring, and my life being as hectic as ever with work and wedding planning, I decided to create a series to give structure and life to my blog. For the next two months, everything I post will be around the "Spring Feelings" theme. Today's post was definitely a favorite of mine, because it allowed me to peruse my nail polish collection and look at all the pretty pastels I had that I could wear through the season.

Purples; Essie Lilacism, Maybelline Colorshow Lust for Lilac, Revlon Colorstay Winning Streak
Blues; Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Sugar Fix, Essie Bikini So Teeny (all-time favorite of mine), Zoya Blu
Pinks; Formula X Blushing (amazing nude), OPI Hello Kitty Small+Cute=<3, Zoya Kirtridge 

Looking at the color wheel, it makes me smile. I can't wait for Spring to come and the flowers to finally bloom! What are some of your pastel nail polish favorites?

Mar 20, 2016

Save my Face Pouch

My day starts at 6 am with the buzzing of my alarm. I usually make it out of bed by 6:30 to make myself presentable and ready to take on the day at my desk by 7:30. I usually leave work around 5:30, which means my face needs to last for a good 10 hours. With my folders, heavy laptop, and notebooks, I can'r sacrifice much room for makeup for touch ups. 
I bought the aqua blue, floral print pouch from Target a year ago, and this is what I use to hold the contents to keep my face looking fresh. 
I swear by the IT Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder. I use this to blot and add more coverage on places that get patchy throughout the day. 
The EcoTools Kabuki brush is a little too big, but it is the softest low cost brush out there. I can use this to apply my powder, and if I am on the go and have packed more makeup to transition to night time, I can use this to apply bronzer as well.
I always carry a little hair clip with me. Having thick hair, it tends to blow up during the day sometimes, these little clips are nice to do a half up to make me look more put together.
The rest of the contents change based on the lipsticks I'm feeling at the moment. Currently, I am obsessing over the Jouer Lip Cremes in melon, and creme brulee. I am thinking of doing a post dedicated to them, but want to purchase a couple more shades before I do. These are nice for the work day, as they last for forever! 
The Covergirl Oh sugar Lip Balms are great for moisture and a little bit of color. I keep this as it is an easy lipstick to apply without a mirror.
The Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick in 200 is my safe color, as it serves as a my lips but better shade. 
Lastly, ever girl needs a little bit of gloss in the corporate life, and the Buxom glosses are not only my favorite, but this shade is super versatile that glosses over any shade or wears beautifully alone (White Russian). 
Those are the items that I carry with me on a daily basis. What are your favorites that you keep in your purse during your daily life? I would love to know! 

Mar 9, 2016

February 2016 Favorites

I was a traveling like a crazy woman all month! This meant that I was only allowed to take products that I knew I could trust (and loved) throughout my three week voyage to seven different cities. 
I wore these products on my face at all times which is why I am deeming them as favorites!
The Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation is marvelous. No flashbacks like the old formula, doesn't feel heavy, covers all imperfections and stays on for a pretty good amount of time. 
IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer was a risky purchase, since I love my Tarte CC under eye corrector (which lasts for forever by the way). I had that for so long that I thought it was time that I would try something new. I had heard amazing reviews about this little guy, so I went ahead with low expectations and was blown away. This formula is super creamy, and much easier to blend than the Tarte concealer which is excellent because it doesn't tug at my under eye.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly is a long time favorite for a lot of bloggers and YouTubers. I was always so impressed with my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and then my NARS Primer that I never ventured down the paint pot lane. I am so glad that I did. The pigmentation gets rid of any redness and creates a blank canvas for eyeshadow to show their true colors. The longevity is also excellent on my oily lids. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light is beautiful. I haven't been disappointed in Hourglass for any product. The bronzer has no shimmer but still seems to radiate. This bronzer is light enough that it warms up my skin, but also gives a slight bronzey glow. Who doesn't want a bronzey glow?! 

The last two products are used together and create the perfect lip combo; Buxom Brooklyn and MAC Spice. Spice is a little darker than my natural lip color, which creates a perfect base for Brooklyn. The Buxom Full-On Lipstick is matte, has a minty smell and sits on the lips for about four hours. The pencil format enables easy application and is a perfect day-to-night lip color. Check out this blog post to see swatches

Feb 29, 2016

Five Product Face

I've been wanting to write this post for three weeks now. Work has been crazy busy, and had me travelling like a mad woman all over the US. Now that I am on a travel lull, I am back in business and feeding my creative juices. I have missed sitting at my desk, and writing on this space.
So today, I decided to come at you with a minimalist post on a five product face. These are products that I could get by doing my whole makeup with, crazy, right?!
You first need a good base. My go-to coverage is the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint. On a daily basis, I would wear my Makeup Forever HD, but since that is very high coverage, it masks my face unless I use bronzer to give it some depth. The reason you should choose a tinted moisturizer-like product for a minimalist face is because it still lets your skin shine through. Now, my skin is not perfect, so I still need some coverage to cover up blemishes and blur out my pores, and this does just that without making my face one solid color. 
As someone with oily skin, I can't do without powder, which is why I chose a setting powder for my next product. Now if I had dry or normal skin, I would totally swap this out for some eyeliner, but I am not that lucky. The IT Cosmetics CC+ Powder is amazing, doesn't cake up and feels great on the skin (no flashback). 
Then I need to add some color back into my pale complexion, and with that comes in my current favorite blush, the Too Faced True Love blush in Baby Love, this has a slight brown tone to it, which also helps with giving some contour to my cheekbones. 
After my base is complete, I had two more products to choose. My brows are super important for me, but I can never choose between my Gimme brow and Anastasia brow wiz. So I went with the Benefit Gimme brow, as this product will keep the shape of my brows throughout the day, while giving some color to them.
My last product was an easy one, because I can't go a day without it; Too Faced Better than Sex mascara. I love this tube of mascara so much. It opens up my eyes, plumps my lashes, and gives them length. I move the wand back and forth very close to my lashline to double up as an eyeliner as well. 
So there it is, my five product face. I'm thinking of venturing into the YouTube world to start doing tutorials for posts like this, but we shall see. I don't want to break anyone's monitor! 

Until next time,

Feb 4, 2016

Smooches for Valentine's day

I love Valentine's day, Galentine's day, sit on my couch and eat cookie dough day. I've always just loved it! To me, I would dress up and go out with girlfriends or now fiance and it was always an opportunity to get glammed up, after the slump of January. I always feel glammed up with lipstick on, even if I am wearing sweatpants.
Below are some different options to go all out with your lipstick! 

Soft and Neutral

This lip look will pair very nicely with a smokey eye. MAC Hip n Happy liner with Urban Decay Native over it.

Fashion Forward

This lip look has been the rage this past fall/winter. Why stop rocking it? It gives a "I don't give" vibe and I love it! MAC Spice liner with Buxom Brooklyn over it.

Fun and Flirty

This lip look is girly, fun and vibrant! Perfect for a Galentine's night out, or if your going to a fun night out, rock this out! 
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Highball

Feb 3, 2016

January 2016 Favorites

I found some great staple products through January. I've come to the realization that I have enough eyeshadows, and lipsticks and want to start investing in everyday use makeup. With that in mind, most of my January favorites were on my face everyday, or at least every other day. 
The MAC Fix+ has been in my makeup collection for almost two years and I used it once and hated it. Lately, I was failing to be impressed with my Urban Decay all nighter spray, so during a cakeup makeup moment, I sprayed this all over my face. I got the most amazing dewy look, and my makeup stayed on my face all night. 

The Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner (Thin) has been the best bargain ever. It was four dollars, stays on forever, and is very pigmented. Did I also mention that the felt tip lets doing cat-eye's so much easier? See my full review here

I don't know why it took me forever to purchase one of the Naked Basics palettes. I have the OG Naked, and the Naked 3, so I assumed the other mini ones would be dupes. I was wrong! You can't make a mistake by picking one of the two, because they are both amazing everyday colors. I have the Naked Basics OG and it definitely gives off a warm vibe but I love it (benefits of having neutral skin tone). I use W.O.S. (the third shade) all over my lid, then go in with a fluffy blending brush to apply Naked 2 (fourth shade) in my crease, and then apply Faint (5th shade) in the outer V. That is all I do when I get ready for work. 

The pistachio brulee perfume from Urban Outfitters was an impulse buy during the holidays. I want to eat this perfume. It has a very vanilla-ey sweet smell too. Even though it is an eau de parfum, it isn't as strong as my Miss Dior or any other eau de parfum. It was only $18 and had cute packaging so I had to buy it! In all honesty, it's the only perfume I've been wearing day and night. 

The BareMinerals' new skincare range is off the hook! I saw them at ULTA before anyone started reviewing them, and fell in love with the consistency of the aforementioned moisturizer. My skin is a constant struggle of oily, dry, to just crazy. I have skin that doesn't get enough moisture it goes oily, or I put on a thick moisturizer and my pores feel like they can't breathe! This moisturizer has been the answer to my prayers. I use two pumps for my whole face, and my skin drinks it up. My skin doesn't get oily throughout the day, and I don't have any dry patches left.