Feb 4, 2016

Smooches for Valentine's day

I love Valentine's day, Galentine's day, sit on my couch and eat cookie dough day. I've always just loved it! To me, I would dress up and go out with girlfriends or now fiance and it was always an opportunity to get glammed up, after the slump of January. I always feel glammed up with lipstick on, even if I am wearing sweatpants.
Below are some different options to go all out with your lipstick! 

Soft and Neutral

This lip look will pair very nicely with a smokey eye. MAC Hip n Happy liner with Urban Decay Native over it.

Fashion Forward

This lip look has been the rage this past fall/winter. Why stop rocking it? It gives a "I don't give" vibe and I love it! MAC Spice liner with Buxom Brooklyn over it.

Fun and Flirty

This lip look is girly, fun and vibrant! Perfect for a Galentine's night out, or if your going to a fun night out, rock this out! 
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Highball

Feb 3, 2016

January 2016 Favorites

I found some great staple products through January. I've come to the realization that I have enough eyeshadows, and lipsticks and want to start investing in everyday use makeup. With that in mind, most of my January favorites were on my face everyday, or at least every other day. 
The MAC Fix+ has been in my makeup collection for almost two years and I used it once and hated it. Lately, I was failing to be impressed with my Urban Decay all nighter spray, so during a cakeup makeup moment, I sprayed this all over my face. I got the most amazing dewy look, and my makeup stayed on my face all night. 

The Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner (Thin) has been the best bargain ever. It was four dollars, stays on forever, and is very pigmented. Did I also mention that the felt tip lets doing cat-eye's so much easier? See my full review here

I don't know why it took me forever to purchase one of the Naked Basics palettes. I have the OG Naked, and the Naked 3, so I assumed the other mini ones would be dupes. I was wrong! You can't make a mistake by picking one of the two, because they are both amazing everyday colors. I have the Naked Basics OG and it definitely gives off a warm vibe but I love it (benefits of having neutral skin tone). I use W.O.S. (the third shade) all over my lid, then go in with a fluffy blending brush to apply Naked 2 (fourth shade) in my crease, and then apply Faint (5th shade) in the outer V. That is all I do when I get ready for work. 

The pistachio brulee perfume from Urban Outfitters was an impulse buy during the holidays. I want to eat this perfume. It has a very vanilla-ey sweet smell too. Even though it is an eau de parfum, it isn't as strong as my Miss Dior or any other eau de parfum. It was only $18 and had cute packaging so I had to buy it! In all honesty, it's the only perfume I've been wearing day and night. 

The BareMinerals' new skincare range is off the hook! I saw them at ULTA before anyone started reviewing them, and fell in love with the consistency of the aforementioned moisturizer. My skin is a constant struggle of oily, dry, to just crazy. I have skin that doesn't get enough moisture it goes oily, or I put on a thick moisturizer and my pores feel like they can't breathe! This moisturizer has been the answer to my prayers. I use two pumps for my whole face, and my skin drinks it up. My skin doesn't get oily throughout the day, and I don't have any dry patches left. 

Feb 1, 2016

2016 Empties #1

First of all, I cannot believe that it is February, and I am well aware that I am behind on my favorites. I have them coming, I promise. In the meantime, I wanted to show some of the empties that have been piling up in my closet in our bathroom. I’ve been on a cleaning purge this month, and I had to get rid of the empties I’ve been collecting.
I just realized that I have an obsession with foundations! I have bought so many last year, and I just keep buying this year. If I wasn't obsessed with trying out new foundations, the first two would be repurchases all day long! I am talking about the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. The CG is a full coverage foundation, that dries matte and stays on the skin for at least 6 hours. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is sheer-er than the CG, but it is a tinted moisturizer. However, it is a medium coverage tinted moisturizer. It evens out the skin, covers blemishes and just gives a beautiful radiance to the skin. I will actually repurchase this for my honeymoon, as it is a great vacation foundation. 

The Smashbox Liquid Halo was a product I purchased on the recommendation of someone at Ulta, and I barely used it for a month, because I hated it. I kept it, thinking I would use it, since it wasn't cheap. I absolutely couldn't stand it. It didn't provide any coverage, it was patchy after a couple of hours, and just didn't look good on my skin. 
The MAC Prep+Prime in Radiant Rose is raved about product and rightfully so. I used this to cover my dark circles all the time, until I found the Tarte Amazonian Clay Under Eye CC Cream. The difference between the two is that the MAC Prep+Prime is easier to blend, more hydrating and buildable.

The Maybelline Colossal Chaos Mascara was okay or maybe it was great and I couldn't tell. I'm just so in love with my Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara that I can't look at another mascara ;( 

Jan 26, 2016

The Perfect Natural Mani

I love dark nails in the fall, and brights in the summer. The only thing is, I love having a safe color in my back pocket for those days I don't feel like being KABLAM. Two years ago, when I got engaged I knew I wanted a sheer, muted white nail polish I could wear so that my nails looked crisp with my new bling bling ;) Luckily enough, I was looking for polishes that had a wedding theme (total new bride thing to do, no shame). With that in mind, I stumbled upon Essie's Wedding collection, and the color I bought was "She Said Yes" (I'm so cheesy, I know). Well, this color has been lonely in the back of my nail polish rack until I picked it up the other day. I was in a nail polish rut, and knew my old, trusty would be there for me.
It takes about three coats for it to appear opaque but it is so worth it. It makes my nails look so put together.

Jan 24, 2016

Full Report: Wet n Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner

 I haven’t worn black eyeliner in 5 years… This isn’t a joke, it’s the truth. I have a very small eyes, and when I put on black eyeliner, they just tend to look teeny-weeny and closed off to the world. I always tend to do gray or brown eyeliner. Recently though, perusing Lauren Conrad’s Instagram, I remembered how much I miss doing cat eyes with black eyeliner. So I took a trip down to my ULTA, and shopped the drugstore lanes. Now, I would have purchased my trusty Stila liner in black, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to splurge on black eyeliner, as I didn’t see myself using it that much. My little stroll came to a halt when I saw the felt-tip-marker type Wet n Wild eyeliners. There were two options; skinny, and big fat marker. I opted for the skinny, as I knew I wanted to use this for a precise line application.
I’ve been using this eyeliner for three weeks now, and here are my thoughts… I LOVE IT. It stays put for 9 hours, and maybe even more (haven’t tried), comes off with regular wipes like a dream, and is so easy to use. I have worn this with and without primer (and I NEVER not put on primer, because of my oily lids) and there was no transfer, no black pool of eyeliner on the outer corner of my eye from laughing (you know how you get a pool of eyeliner cause you smile or laugh and your eyes tear up?) and only cost me $4!
If you love a precise line, easy application and all day wear, you have nothing to lose but $4 to try this out. 

Jan 17, 2016

Full Report: Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette

This is a little bit of old news, but I am obsessed with the Tartelette In Bloom palette by Tarte. It has been the only eyeshadow palette I reach for, and sometimes I have to stop myself to remind me to use other palettes that I own. The love is real, and the relationship is going strong.

The primary reason my interest was sparked for this palette was the beautiful packaging. Anything floral designed, bright purple and pink will instantly catch my eye. So when I saw this lovely palette, on Tarte's instagram as a hype post, I knew I needed to have it. So I counted down until it came out, and made the purchase! I haven't looked back ever since.
Let's take a look on the inside. You might be saying "Well, this looks like any other nude shades-ranged palette" but you are wrong. This palette has a range of warm nude as well as cool. Most eyeshadow palettes make the mistake of putting all their warms in one basket, and all their cools in another. I don't want them in separate palettes, I want them all in one! I agree with you about the fact that 8 out of 12 shades are warm, but to be honest, 4 shadows is enough cool for me. 
These eyeshadows are all buttery smooth, and have amazing color payoff. 
flower child, firecracker, funny girl, and sweetheart are my absolute favorites. Funny girl has a bad rep, as it isn't as pigmented as the rest of the bunch, but over chartmer or flower child, it looks incredible. Sweetheart is very nice transition shade, and firecracker gives a pop to any eye color (especially green and blue). If you haven't played around with this palette or are on the fence because you have to many neutral colored palettes, I can say that this is super travel-friendly with it's enormous mirror, and vast shade range. Lately, all I need is this palette to dress me up for day, night and even Sundays!

Jan 10, 2016

Full Report: COVERGirl Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Lip Balm

I was doing a little perusing at my local Walgreens, when I hit the aisle of doom (where they showcase all the new cosmetics products). There I saw, in its cute little packaging, a new line of COVERGirl Lip Balms. Along with it's adorable packaging was the most darling name "Oh Sugar!". Curiosity spiked and I picked up the color I thought would be my favorite.

 First of all, the packaging is adorable, and the sticker that shows you the color on the bottom is spot on!

Don't expect these lip balms to have too much color payoff as they are tinted lip balms that give a hint of color, and feel very nice on the lips. I wouldn't trade these in for my heavy duty LUSH lip balms for the winter weather, but would definitely suggest them becoming lip balm replacements for the summer.

They sit very comfortably on the lips, and give a hint of color that allows you to look put together for a minimal makeup look. It also claims that is vitamin infused with the following ingredients: grapeseed oil, avocado butter, and Vitamins C & E. The lip balm also has a very faint smell of citrus/lime, but doesn't sit on the lips and I could on smell it when I first applied it.
I loved this purchase, as it will pair perfectly for my daytime weekend makeup. These retail for $8 and can be found at your local drugstores.